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With new products on the market everyday, we are all constantly replacing or upgrading our items. What’s a treasure today – whether that means a new mattress, a flat screen television, or even the latest iMac product on the market – tomorrow becomes an older version. That’s where a true giver comes in. Instead of tossing your used and unwanted items, you recycle your stuff to someone who can actually use it. For someone, in fact, your hand-me-downs will be appreciated as treasures in great condition. This is the concept behind Givingaway.org – a website where free stuff, the givers, and the takers can come together in one helpful, trustworthy community.

So, How Does It Work?

The concept is quite simple, actually. The giving person posts a classified on the website under FREE STUFF. Someone who lives in that local area peruses the website and finds a wanted item – it’s their lucky day! Now, it’s a win-win situation for the giver and the taker. The giver is issued a coupon with up to 30% off the purchase of a similar item in a nearby store by a professional delivery driver. The driver then transports the free stuff to the receiving party’s door. It’s convenient, secure, and simple.

Doesn’t that sound like everyone scores the best deal possible?

Don’t waste your time and money trying to sell used items on other websites. The giver gets a coupon for as much as up to 30% off – without haggling, worrying about product pickup, and personal safety concerns. Instead, GivingAway.org leverages the resources of the local community to give everyone what they want.

…And no lugging around your new free finds, either!

The professional delivery service is prompt and promises the highest quality services. Unlike aggressive movers, you can trust these rock-bottom rates. You don’t even have to release payment to the mover until your items are securely in your hands. Our ultimate goal is to serve as the liaison between giver and taker. The website is here to promote generosity and circulate goods as the community needs them. It’s effective and efficient – and almost been thought of before, but not quite.